28th Distillers Grains Symposium

St. Louis, MO

November 11 - 13, 2024

Exhibiting & Sponsorship Opportunities Available

28th Distillers Grains Symposium, St. Louis, MO - 2024


April 14-16, 2025 - 29th Distillers Grains Symposium in Bloomington, MN
April 13-15, 2026 - 30th Distillers Grains Symposium in Indianapolis, IN

2023 Symposium Speaker Presentations

Tuesday Morning

Overview of Production, Trade and Logistics of Grain and Distillers' Products in the Context of Russia's Military Invasion of Ukraine
Antonina Broyaka, Visiting Professor KSU from Ukraine

AFIA Initiatives, New Developments IFeeder, Safe Feed/Safe Food, etc.
Constance Cullman, AFIA President

Activities Pertaining to Feed and Feed Ingredient Manufacturing and Distribution, Among Other Things, Addressing Food and Feed Safety Issues
David Fairfield, NGFA

Distillers Spirits Technology Alignment - Digestors - Renewable Natural Gases Versus Animal Feed - It's Not Either Or
John Rivers, 3 Rivers Energy Partners

Changing Marketing Dynamics - Impact on Distillers' Products, Sustainability, Carbon Scores, International Implications and Deliverables
Guy H. Allen, Kansas State University

USGC's Marketing Efforts in Latin America
Ana Ballesteros, Marketing Director - Feed Grains USGC Latin American

Tuesday Afternoon

Overview of FDA New Developments, Compliance and Testing
Shannon Jordre, Consumer Safety Officer FDS

Life Cycle Prospective on Sustainability, Resilience, and Insights of Our Industry
Marty Matlock, Executive Director, University of Arkansas Resilience Center

Jack Daniels Sustainability
Theresa Ervin, Jack Daniels Distillery

Wednesday Morning

ASTM/DGTC Proficiency Program Roll Out, Outcome & Assessments
Chris McCullough, ASTM

Insights, Procedures, Sampling Co-Products, Best Practices - Holding Your Laboratory Accountable
Diane Young, Foundation Analytical Labs

Transportation Issues - Locks, Dams, and All About Rivers
Thomas D. Heinold, Chief Operations Division Rock Island District, US Army Corps of Engineers

Distillers Handbook - US Grains Council Nutrition Update
Jerry Shurson, Univresity of Minnesota, USGC Sponsored Recorded Presentation

Wednesday Afternoon

Railroad Overview - Pitfalls, Railcar Movement, Railcar Cleaning
Ryan Higgins, OmniTRAX Railroad

Fermentation Driven Tools to Lessen its Environmental Impact During Production
Valerie Preston, Lallemand

Practical Conversion & Fermentation Process Optimization
Kevin Smith, Company Distilling

Understanding Distillery Waste Water
Michael Locasio, Soluble Organic Solutions

AAFCO Definition Process as it Related to Distillers Co-Products and Pet Food
Dan King, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, AAFCO Investigator and Sector Editor Distillers Products

Scholarship Winners Presentations

Ruoshi Xiao, Kansas State University
Sponsor – Beam Suntory

Logan Kilburn-Kappeler, Kansas State University
Sponsor - POET

Shipman, Garrin, South Dakota State University
Sponsor – The Andersons, Inc.

Ana Marie Kobza, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sponsor, BetaTec Hop Products

Scholarship Winners

Ana Marie Kobza, Scholarship Winner - BetaTec Hop Products Sponsor

Ana Marie Kobza, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sponsor - BetaTec Hop Products

Logan Kilburn-Kappeler, Kansas State University, Sponsor - POET

Logan Kilburn-Kappeler, Kansas State University
Sponsor - POET

Garrin Shipman, Scholarship Winner - The Andersons Sponsor

Garrin Shipman, South Dakota State University
Sponsor – The Andersons, Inc.

Ruoshi Xiao, Kansas State University, Sponsor – Beam Suntory

Ruoshi Xiao, Kansas State University
Sponsor – Beam Suntory

Michelle Harper, Program Director DGTC, Distillers Grains Technology Council

Michelle Harper

Program Coordinator

Michelle manages all aspects of the Annual DGTC Symposium. She started working with the DGTC in 1997 and has supported two Executive Directors, Mr. Charlie Staff and Dr. Kurt Rosentrater. Michelle is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Phone: 502-852-1574

Sponsoring Organization:

BBI International

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