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We are here to provide educational and technical services to organizations and individuals who are interested in producing and using distillers grains. We are a non-profit organization which serves the fuel ethanol, beverage alcohol, and livestock industries, as well as other affiliated organizations and individuals.

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Distillers grains has a long history of being recognized as a highly nutritious animal feed ingredient. Unique in that it is the only fermented feed ingredient from the dry mill fuel or beverage ethanol process.

Outstanding Features of Distillers Grains

  • Concentrated Grain Nutrients (3x that of raw grain)
  • High Fiber & High Protein
  • Starch Removed
  • Yeast Cell Proteins
  • Highly Digestible Protein (~85%)
  • Bypass Protein
  • Essential Minerals
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The goals of our organization encompass a broad interest in current issues affecting the beverage, fuel, and livestock industries. We offer service support, advocacy, and market development.